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Corporate PR

Now more than ever before the reputation of a company or brand is crucial to its survival, and the only way to ensure continued relevance and success is to strengthen relationships with principal stakeholders (internal and external) and build trust and confidence.


Uburu Corporate helps institutions, companies and brands to develop and sustain an open, honest and transparent conversation with their stakeholders, ensuring that corporate messaging is empathetic, clear and consistent across all communication channels.


We offer expertise in following areas of public relations:

A better-motivated workforce, increased investments, greater loyalty among customers, and better-aligned government and public interests are among the values that our work with clients brings to their business.

Consumer Marketing/Digital

Dramatic paradigm shifts in the very nature of how we do business are changing the face of marketing and communication.


Today’s consumers are no longer passive in the business value chain; they are better informed about products and services, are constantly interacting with one another, and determining what is of value to them.


Power, therefore, resides with those who have the best understanding of customer and prospect needs, and can build strong personal connections with them.


At Uburu, we understand the changing consumer and market dynamics, and can create winning marketing campaigns and promotions that resonate with specific audiences and, ultimately, boost uptake of products and services.


New ways of communicating and new communication languages also require new tools, and we have a strategic partnership with a leading digital marketing company, that allows us to develop and execute truly effective and memorable digital campaigns.

Media Measurement & Evaluation

Uburu Media Measurement and Evaluation Services focus on delivering detailed media monitoring, tracking, measurement, evaluation and analysis of traditional media (Newspapers), print advertisement, online media (banners, blogs, news portals and forums etc.) and Social Media.


Our diverse portfolio of media intelligence approaches and solutions has one objective – to equip clients with the tools that will help them make more informed and better business decisions, and also help in implementing the new public relations and social media measurement standards


Uburu Media Measurement and Evaluation is done based on AMEC (Association for Measurement & Evaluation for Communication) Standard. Using the latest technology and human analysis techniques, we are able to provide unique actionable insights to allow companies develop effective communication strategies.


Our unique metric combines volume, reach and favourability into a single number that reflects both quantitative and qualitative media impact on services or products. And with our senior team’s over 20 years combined global PR and media evaluation experience, we offer a level of insight that goes well beyond the norm in standard client/supplier relations.


Guided by the application of The Barcelona Declaration of 7 Principles of Measurement, Uburu Media Measurement and Evaluation helps you:

We are able to monitor over 150,000+ online news sites, blogs and forums for products and services with the aid of 6 online monitoring engines based in U.S & South Africa.

Event Management

At Uburu Eventing we believe that if your event is not leveraging the power of personal experience to endear your brand to employees, investors, consumers or the media, then it’s really not worth the hype, or the spend. So why bother?


With your goals, your audience and your messages in view, we can develop and execute bespoke concepts that will keep people talking about your brand long after the event has ended, and the initial thrill and excitement has waned. We mean a truly empathetic and transformative experience


From product launches to shareholder meetings, anniversary celebrations to seminars and conferences, we will help you plan and manage every aspect of your event: theme, message content, choice of venue, décor & ambience, ushers & costumes, logistics, production, protocol, security, media etc.


We understand clients’ budgetary concerns too, and we have built valuable, long-standing relationships with a wide network of partners and suppliers that allows us to get the fastest turnaround time on orders, and the highest quality of service at the best price.


Our effective in-house quality control and supplier evaluation system ensures that there is no compromise on standards and, of course, we are constantly establishing new links, keeping in tune with latest trends and sourcing better deals for our clients.

Design Services

Branding, done well, can elevate a product or company from being just one commodity amongst many identical commodities to becoming something with a unique character and promise. It can create an emotional resonance in the minds of consumers who choose products and services using both emotional and pragmatic judgments.


Uburu Design+ aims to re-enchant the relationship between brands and their audiences. We are extremely cooperative and efficient in client branding and hold a plurality of expertise in many sectors.


We help define and produce clients’ corporate and brand identities, logo guidelines, brochures and magazines, annual reports, print and banner adverts, flyers and posters, event identity, exhibit and environmental aesthetics, among other creative contributions.


Media Production

We can help you improve appreciation of your brand among end-users by creating exciting content for print, electronic and digital media. Our media production services include:

We put just as much effort into our close, personal client service as our expert media production skills.


From pre-production (content generation, script writing, editing, location sourcing etc.) through production (professional voice-over, photography and printing, voice-recording or filming) to post-production (music, editing and formatting), we put our clients up to speed throughout the production process.


We have technical partnerships with renowned local and international production companies that allow us not only to deliver truly exceptional jobs for our clients but at the fastest turn-around time and best fares.


Among projects undertaken are MAD ABOUT DANCE – a promotional video for Quba Dance Company – and several VIP biographies.


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